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We've asked thousands of travel companies about their challenges in todays travel industry. These are the main points

  1. Too much information. It is hard to navigate steadily and divide right from wrong in the jungle of buzz-words, complicated reports and fake-news?
  2. It is hard to get attention. How can you reach the right clients at the right time when everyone is shouting at the same time?
  3. Traditional education are expensive and time-demanding. Who can spend thousands of dollars and numerous hours when they have a business to take care of?
  4. Learning is a life-long process and should be updated frequently in a fast changing world. What you learn this year might be outdated next year.
  5.  What you've tried so far is not working. You need a concrete plan to grow your business, a proven path to success.
  6. The tools out there are expensive and don't fit. You will need one that fits your exact business.
  7. You can't find a good enough way to professionalize your team. They have different needs and should be treated as individuals.

These issues creates a knowledge gap where the rich is getting richer while the local and small companies are left behind

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“I found it to be very inspiring. I loved the little notes after each video with inspirational quotes. I also liked how it was narrated with stories making it more easier to grasp the concepts and how it was made up of short videos, straight to the point and didn't over explain things. I found the product development chapter to be enlightening. It gave me new ideas, and the sales and marketing chapter was brilliant too.”

Shahlaa Hafeel - TheBucketlist Sri Lanka

“Havard help me to develop my tourism business in Chile. He help me with more customers and teach me about some softwares to make my tailor made program more professional. I really recommend his professional help.”

Mario Mellado - Nave tours Chile

“Now I’m ending the Travelopment course. I want to thank you very much. Have seen lots of online courses but this is another level. Your point of view when giving the message through the lessons is really inspiring.”

Fatmir Aliko - Limitless Albania

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  • Access handy tools to travelop your business

  • Understand how sustainability is a competitive advantage